Happy 10th Anniversary to us! We’ve created a beautiful family and life in a decade!

Two pieces of advice I was given early on in our marriage that has helped me navigate as a wife, mother, and partner in our adventure:

  • The space between expectations and reality is disappointment. Dream, hope, have big faith but living disappointed because you’re not where you thought you’d be or life isn’t unfolding at the rate you thought is a disappointing life. This feeling is an indicator that I need to find all the things to be grateful for and express thanks to God, my husband, my children, for even the smallest of things. Gratitude immediately shifts perspective and softens the heart.
  • Expect nothing; appreciate everything. From taking out the garbage to celebrating a Hallmark holiday, to picking kids up to and from dance, my expectations do not mean they’re the other’s obligation. Here’s the thing, we are not operating in one’s own free will, just being haphazard with our actions and intentions; we have kids, jobs, and lives, so frequently we have to communicate and over-communicate our internal expectations and negotiate how they unfold in our daily routines and lives. Unspoken expectations place the weight of obligation on the other person and leave little space for gratitude and honor. Only when we are free from expectations can we appreciate everything. And when we appreciate even the smallest of gestures, we can receive them as gifts! And who doesn’t love more gifts?

What does the next year and decade look like? I’m not sure, but I know I still need to continue to work on the above and live a life full of gratitude.