This morning between making breakfast, drinking 3.75 cups of coffee, and then running errands with all kids in tote, I jumped in the shower. Instead of enjoying a few moments of quiet and ridiculously hot water, I started making a mental checklist of all the things to do today. Pick up a birthday present for a classmate’s party, find outfits for school pictures, start laundry. My mind then jumped to the need to call our insurance company to change over pediatricians since our coverage changed, but I know that process will take several hours.

The checklist download didn’t stop. So what did I do? Maximize the time? Of course, multitasking is my top strength.

I’m busy shaving my legs, so everyone else in the house needs to also move toward getting out the door to knock out the to-dos. I yell, “Maaatttiiieeeee……Luuuuuucy!!

No response. So I yell again, mind you, I’m now washing my hair because…multitasking.

The girls come running. “Listen up! Here’s what we have to do today (insert barrage of errands), so right now, I need you to get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth, dress your sister and meet me in the car. Understood? Alright, go!” And off they go. It’s still early enough in the day that my hopes are high they’re actually doing what I commanded and not hiding in the closet watching a YouTube kid open another box of toys I am not going to buy. It’s a crapshoot.

As I finish rinsing my hair, I run the budget through my head; I still need to order groceries. We are having family pictures taken next week, so I probably need to replace scuffed-up shoes and I should get the girls’ haircut; dance tuition is also coming up. Got it.

This is the Motherload!

A shower isn’t a shower. Little does my family know, it’s a pre-game huddle and a strategic planning meeting—an invitation for one, open door to a million thoughts.

I know I’m not alone. I mean, in the shower, yes. But, I’m not the only one managing the motherload…the reality is we’re all pandemic mothers. 

School at home? Check.
Work from home? Check.
Re-strategize an entire organization for shelter-in-place? Check.
Wash masks every night? Check.
Make sure everyone is getting C, D3, Zinc, Elderberry? Check.

While we’re individually pretty bada** moms, we’re even better together. Connected in community.

This community is for tenacious women.
The mom bosses.
The ladies who lead, at home, work, school, and in the community.

We feel the weight of the motherload, but it doesn’t crush us.
Our faith is strong, and our vision is on God.

We value our community of neighbors, co-workers, friends.
We celebrate diversity.
We cheer each other on.
We pick one another up when the going gets tough.

We’re strong yet kind.
We’re determined yet patient.
We’re fierce yet gentle.

We are trying our best to be better today than yesterday, for everyone who depends on us and ourselves.

As I share the motherload, I encourage you to comment, share and connect with me and each other. We don’t bear the load alone.

Welcome to the Motherload.