Where your intention is, your attention follows. 

For a decade, I’ve been trying to find the highest quality products with the cleanest ingredients…that we like.

Hello…laundry detergent swap-fails….some just. don’t. work. Or maybe my kids are extra stinky; it’s definitely possible. 

I try new things all the time. Some are great. Some are not-so-great, and I hear from the fam bam how awful the ketchup tastes without high fructose corn syrup! 

And we’ve found some winners, like a new line of Whole30 BBQ sauces that are bomb.com. 

Here’s the real deal, while I intend to live life squeaky clean, we eat popcorn and M&M’s on Fridays for family movie night. One mention of In-N-Out burgers, and I’m the first in the car, ready to roll. 

When I find new things that actually work, I love to share them with my friends! Finding skin and beauty products like Beautycounter excites me because I am the girl who will wash my face with hand soap (or skip washing altogether). Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs chemicals into our bloodstream within 26 seconds, and what we use affects not only the appearance but our internal health. 

While my intention this year is to have clearer skin by 40, my attention is on swapping out my skincare and make-up for me and my family, so my girls to learn good habits (like never going to bed without washing their faces) and use products that do not have hormone-disrupting chemicals in them for their wellbeing.

What have you swapped for cleaner products in your home? 

Soaps and Detergents? 
Vitamins and Supplements? 
Make-up and Skincare? 

Leave a comment of what you’ve swapped or would like to swap! 

Beautycounter’s mission is to get clean, safe products in the hands of everyone. If you’d like more info, let’s connect!